About me and (my) art

“Our interest in art is our interest in ourselves, both now and always”, Jeannette Winterson in Why be happy when you could be normal?


I was born (1974), and grew up in Oslo, Norway, where I live with my husband and children.

I paint a lot of human beings. I seem to never get tired of human beings, our relationships to each-other and ourselves. I see my art as a way of investigating and processing what it means to be a human being. What it means to be a woman, mother, a child.  Or one of the many people I’ve met through my work in human rights organizations.


I graduated from Paul H. Nietze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of the Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) in Washington, D.C with an M.A in International Relations in 1999. For a decade I was working with research and documentation of human rights violations and advocacy work for institutions such as the Brookings Institution (1998-99), Amnesty International (1999-2000), the Norwegian Refugee Council (2003-2005) and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee (2000-2003 and 2005-2011). 

Lately I have begun to explore ways in which art can be used as an activist tool. On this journey I humbly aspire to the following quote by Jo Hunter, Co-founder and Director of 64 Million Artists : “ Art isn’t just about painting or dancing or singing, it’s about living artfully, bringing all of yourself to the world, expressing yourself fully. This kind of creativity is the kind that changes the world”.

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